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Legionella Remediation

The maintenance and cleanliness of your water system (s) play a vital role in preventing the proliferation of Legionella. 

The presence of contamination in a cold water tank or pipe work system increases the likelihood that Legionella and other bacteria may be present, it is therefore important that systems are kept clean and maintained to a standard that meets the water regulations and requiremenets of ACoP L8.

Due to changes in the water regulation bylaws it may be neccessary to carryout plumbing remedial actions to prevent the likelihood of Legionella proliferating within your water systems.

These plumbing works remedial actions form part of a good ongoing management scheme and would normally be identified as part of a comprehensive Legionella risk assessment.


Legionella remedial actions are normally identified following a Legionella risk assessment or during an ongoing monitoring regime.

Depending on the type of water system these actions can range from system disinfections (chlorinations or thermal) following a positive legionella sample to modifications within the plumbing system (removal of deadlegs and upgrades to calorifiers) to ensure it meets regulation.


We can work with you to reduce the risk from legionella by providing legionella water treatment services such as system disinfections (chlorinations), TMV servicing, shower head descaling, tank replacements or relines, deadleg removals and general plumbing remedial activities.

Whatever your system requirements maybe you can be reassured we have the expertise to deliver compliance and protect you against the risk posed by Legionella.


If you need any further assistance or would like to know more please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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