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Asbestos Management

Asbestos is a natural fibre material which has been used as a building material in the uk since the 1950’s. Asbestos is usually mixed with other materials making it difficult to know if you are being exposed to it or not, it is highly likely that you are or have been working with asbestos if you work in a building constructed before 2000. Asbestos is typically found in products including pipe insulation, boilers, ceiling tiles and sprayed coatings.

The Control of Asbestos UK Regulations (2012) states that all duty holders with asbestos or presumed asbestos present in their premises must have an Asbestos Management Plan in place. The contents of which sets out a "Duty to Manage" plan for known or presumed asbestos so it can be strictly monitored and its potential danger can be kept to a minimum.

To learn more about managing asbestos and the asbestos regulations listen to our podcast "Effective Asbestos Management".

A management plan should typically include the following to ensure it meets the asbestos uk regulations:

  •     Asbestos Information
  •     Laboratory assessments of samples
  •     Action Plan asbestos uk
  •     Time-scale for monitoring and re-inspection
  •     Staff training plans where relevant
  •     Staff responsibilities and duties
  •     Passing of information to correct personnel
  •     Duties of the designated Asbestos Controller
  •     Procedures in the event of an emergency

Health and Safety regulations are continually changing, New legislative requirements come into force almost daily placing continued pressure on managers to keep abreast of policy changes, New legislation and changing codes of practice.

Whether it´s advice on uk regulation updates or assistance in developing a long term Asbestos Management strategy our consultants will work closely with you to ensure peace of mind and total confidence in dealing with Asbestos issues.

Our consultants provide management plans and procedures in accordance with current uk asbestos regulations that are tailored to the needs of your organisation to ensure your workplace remains a safe place, free from the hazards of Asbestos.

For those clients looking for Asbestos Management Software we can offer a range of solutions including Euro Environmental´s own Asbestos Locator™ Web based Management system. Designed with simplicity in mind Asbestos Locator™ is ideal for organisations seeking to implement management software which doesn´t rely on extensive training or the use of specialist personnel.

For more information on how we can help you comply with the current asbestos regulations please call us on 0870 7019170 or complete our online contact form and a member of our team will respond to your query promptly.

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