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Mould Exposure Testing

Fungal and mould spores are a common contaminants of both indoor and outdoor areas. Certain species of mould and fungi are associated with the indoor environment and grow particularly well in warm and damp conditions. Some people in your workforce can be highly sensitive to mould and fungi contamination and can suffer from nasal or eye irritation, nausea, sneezing, nose bleeds, respiratory infections and/or skin irritation. Children and individuals with severe allergies can develop serious medical problems. People with chronic lung illnesses, such as obstructive lung disease, may develop mould infections in their lungs.

Euro Environmental uses the latest technology to perform culturable and non-culturable mould sampling and testing. The culturable samples are collected using impact samplers, mould genus identification testing is then carried out by a professional accredited laboratory. There are 2 main types of airborne mould testing that can be performed:

Non-viable Airborne Mould Testing:

This is the most common type of testing performed, generally offer more value and less cost than viable testing. This test collects both dead and living mould spores that are not intended to be grown in a laboratory, they are gathered to collect a total amount of mould spores in an estimated measured area of space (spores / m3).

Viable Airborne Mould Testing:

Viable mould spore testing collects living mould spores and requires culturable media for mould spores to be grown in the laboratory. This type of testing only identifies living mould spores from the different species of mould, the cultures are grown for a minimum of 7 days in the laboratory.

Our expert technicians will perform a series of diagnostic testing methods to determine whether your building poses a potential health hazard due to mould. The inspection involves gathering surface samples and monitoring your air quality. We will develop a thorough plan to address your particular needs to address this problem.

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