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Legionnaires disease occurs as a result of infections caused by the legionellaceae family of bacteria.

It is a form of pneumonia which results in around 250 identified cases a year and can prove fatal, especially to the elderly or those prone to respirable problems.

Legionnaires disease is contracted by inhaling small droplets of water suspended in air which contain the legionella bacterium.

Legionella bacteria occurs naturally in surface water and soils etc but can also proliferate within man made environments such as cooling towers, hot and cold distribution systems, water plant, humidifiers and air washers.

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Every year, thousands of workers are made ill by hazardous substances exposure, contracting lung disease such as asthma, cancer and skin disease such as dermatitis.

As an employer, you are responsible for taking effective measures to control exposure to hazardous substances and protect health. These measures can also improve production or cut waste. Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (as amended) Employers are required to protect both employees and others who may be exposed to hazardous substances by ensuring that monitoring procedures are in place to ensure their safety.

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Asbestos is a natural fibre material which has been used as a building material in the UK since the 1950’s.

Asbestos is usually mixed with other materials making it difficult to know if you are being exposed to it or not, it is highly likely that you are or have been working with asbestos if you work in a building constructed before 2000. Asbestos is typically found in products including pipe insulation, boilers, ceiling tiles and sprayed coatings.

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Our training courses are fully recognised by industry bodies and provide an affordable, flexible and cost effective approach to assist with your legal requirement to proivide adequate instruction and training. We deliver knowledge that will empower you as a duty holder and your staff with the expertise to protect your workforce.

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Euro Environmental Ltd is an occupational hygiene consultant established in 1998 to meet with the growing demands for quality inspections, analysis and consultancy in the fields of Occupational Health & Safety.

Over previous years the company is proud to have developed a reputation based on the high quality of service provided to our clients.

Through inward investment in technology, quality systems and staff as well as a pro-active approach to sustainable growth the company looks forward to maintaining its position as a market leader within it field.

As an occupational hygiene consultant we aim to continue listening to our clients and provide flexible solutions tailored to the individual needs of the organisation.

Euro Environmental strives to continually improve the standard of its services offered, this is reflected within the company's ISO accredited quality systems, industry approvals and approach to each individual project.

Providing both consultancy and in house laboratory based services, you can rest assured that whatever the project our staff have the industry knowledge to see the project through to a successful completion.


“I wish to thank you for your assistance in the asbestos surveys to validate some of our asbestos audits. Your initiative and considered approach has assisted greatly in the organisation and smooth undertaking of inspections. There reports have been well illustrated with reliable information”

W R Burns - Building Maintenance Surveyor
The University of York

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Euro Environmental Ltd has a vast experience working with a range of industries with regard to their preventative maintenance and compliance inspections, technical testing and health and safety requirements.

We have a wide range of resources to both inform and advise. We hope you find them of use. Please click the link below to be taken to our downloads section.

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