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Genano Air Purification Unit Case study


Euro Environmental worked with KSG Health to carry out an assessment of the Genano 350 air purification unit. The air purification device which uses ionisation technology to remove particulates, bioaerosols and volatile contaminants was deployed at our head office for a period of 6 months during which air quality assessments were carried out to determine its impact on air quality.

With the focus of building design over the last thirty years being reduced energy consumption, modern buildings have become more airtight, to the point of very little fresh air flow. This issue affects buildings all over the world including offices and hospitals, and as indoor air quality has been identified as one of the top five most harmful environmental risks to public health, it should be of major concern.

Symptoms related to poor air quality can be easily mistaken for symptoms of other illnesses, stress, colds and the flu so they are easy to miss. A usual indicator of poor air quality within a building is people feeling ill or finding it hard to concentrate whilst inside the building, with symptoms ceasing once they have left. Common sources of air contamination are poorly maintained heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, pollution externally, poor operations and simply people inside buildings.

Euro Environmental are independent specialists in measuring air quality levels within commercial buildings. By monitoring biological levels, particulate and volatile organic compound levels over a typical working week they can determine whether or not a building’s air management system is adequate.

KSG Health’s Genano systems, offer cutting edge technology in air purification and Euro Environmental’s rigorous testing and assessments have proven that when used as part of an overall air quality management system, they will significantly contribute to good levels of indoor air quality. To receive independent, external confirmation of this from professionals like Euro Environmental is always important.

“Our extensive assessments have shown that Genano devices are among the best in air purification technology we have seen in our time assessing good air quality levels. It is always important for independent assessments to be carried out to ensure accurate, non-biased conclusions and it has been a pleasure to see the incredible results achieved by KSG Health’s Genano devices. We would recommend them to anyone.” – Chris Senior, Director, Euro Environmental.

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