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A range of efficient air decontamination units suitable for a variety of workplaces


For those environments where air quality is paramount or additional reassurance is needed, we can offer plasma ionisation air purification technology that is capable of removing the smallest of airborne contaminants.

This technology is suitable for a range of environments such as offices, hotels, care homes, event rooms and healthcare settings. The air purification units are non-intrusive and have a relatively low running cost compared to alternative technologies, only requiring annual servicing.

Ongoing Air Purification Solutions,
Ensuring A Compliant And Safe Workplace

Air Purification Solutions

1Genano® 5250M/5250A

Air decontamination unit with superior cleaning capacity for environments with a high contamination risk. Where ultra-pure air is required, such as healthcare settings and clean rooms, this unit is suitable for areas up to 250m2.

2Genano® 350

Efficient and compact air decontamination unit suitable for offices and general environments of up to 100m2.

3Genano® Tube

Wall or ceiling mounted unit suitable for hallways or lobby areas, which can also be integrated into an existing ventilation system.

Plasma ionisation technology offers a
superior level of air purification

Plasma ionisation technology offers a superior level of air purification


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