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Do you have an issue with biological exposure in your workplace?


High levels of bacteria concentration indoors is an indication of the high occupancy rate, poor ventilation, or poor building maintenance.

In indoor environments bacteria are present in the air and on surfaces. The most frequently occurring environmental bacteria are those generally considered as non-pathogenic, the majority of homes and workplaces are contaminated with species of enterobacteria and pseudomonads, many of which are potentially pathogenic.

While bacteria do not receive as much publicity as a mould when it comes to indoor air quality, they are a health hazard. Bacterial pathogens are capable of causing severe diseases in humans if inhaled, ingested or if they come into contact with the skin.

Some are serious human pathogens and others especially gram-negative bacteria produce toxic compounds (endotoxins) from the outer membrane of their cell wall. Endotoxins may have a role in sick building syndrome.

Euro Environmental uses the latest technology to perform viable bacterial airborne sampling and testing. The culturable samples are collected using impact samplers, total counts (TVC) or genus identification testing is then carried out by our professional accredited laboratory.

ActionsActions and advice

Viable airborne bacteria testing collects living bacteria and requires culturable media for bacteria to be grown in the laboratory. Following the collection of a set volume of air it is then possible to calculate the concentration (CFU/m3) of bacteria and make any recommendations in relation to know threshold limits.

HelpHow can we help?

Our expert technicians will perform a series of exposure sampling tests to determine whether your building poses a potential health hazard associated with elevated levels of airborne bacteria. We will then make any recommendations in relation to the level of risk and actions you could take to control exposure.

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