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Asbestos Removal & ManagementAsbestos Removal & Management

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Asbestos is a natural fibre material which has been used as a building material in the uk since the 1950’s. Asbestos is usually mixed with other materials making it difficult to know if you are being exposed to it or not, it is highly likely that you are or have been working with asbestos if you work in a building constructed before 2000. Asbestos is typically found in products including pipe insulation, boilers, ceiling tiles and sprayed coatings.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations (2012 as amended) states that all duty holders with asbestos or presumed asbestos present in their premises must firstly identify the risk and then control any potentail exposure. Please choose from our services below:


A key foundation of any asbestos management plan is the asbestos survey, the information gathered at the survey stage will determine how the ongoing risk is managed. There are four types of asbestos survey, management, refurbishment, demolition and annual preventative audits.

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Following the completion of an asbestos survey program a number of asbestos containing materials will have been identified, this list of materials forms the basis for an ongoing asbestos register. An asbestos managmenet plan ensures you manage the risk assocaited with these materials and lays out your organisations policies and procedures in relation to the ongoing management of asbestos. 

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It is not always neccessary to remove asbestos if it is not likely to be disturbed or the risk of exposure is adeqautely managed. At some point in an asbestos materials life it may become unaviodable and therefore you will require assistance with this process. Asbestos removal is a high risk activity and normally a costly process therefore you need know that any organisation you employ to manage this activity will be carrying out the work to the highest of standards. 

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