Flour Dust
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Flour dust may look harmless, in fact it is a respiratory sensitiser and can lead to the development of occupational asthma 


Other side effects of using flour and inhaling its dust include; irritation to the eyes or nose and occupational dermatitis.

Once a person becomes sensitised to flour dust, exposure to even a very small amount of it can bring on an asthmatic attack, it is then possible that the person will never be able to work in a bakery again.

It is estimated that 95,000 people working in the UK baking industry encounter it daily.

As an employer, you are responsible for taking effective measures to control exposure and protect health.

ActionsActions and advice

Flour dust has a legal limit called a ‘workplace exposure limit’ the WEL is set at 10 mg/m3 (averaged over an 8-hour working period).

Once an assessment has been carried out to measure the exposure levels any actions should then be taken to either reduce or control exposure as part of an ongoing monitoring regime.

In addition to ensuring the WEL is not exceeded, flour dust is classed as a respiratory sensitiser and therefore employers should make all efforts to reduce exposure to as low as reasonably practicable. There are a number of good practices that can be implemented to control exposure.

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HelpHow can we help?

Our consultants are here to help you with advice and guidance. We offer a free consultation service to identify an appropriate exposure sampling and monitoring regime that will ensure you meet regulatory compliance.

We will then provide you with a no obligation proposal to attend your premises to carryout the site exposure assessment based on the monitoring regime most appropriate for your organisation.

For further help call us on 0870 7019170 or email: sales@euroenvironmental.co.uk


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Flour dust is a daily occurrence in facilities including plant bakeries, craft bakeries, semi-automated craft bakeries, in-store bakeries, pizza and pastry manufacturing facilities and biscuit manufacturing which means that approximately 95,000 people working in the UK baking industry encounter it daily.

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