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Every year thousands of workers are made ill in the workplace by hazardous substance exposure, contracting lung diseases such as asthma, cancer and COPD. As an employer, you are responsible for taking effective measures to assess and control exposure to hazardous substances and protect employee health.

We have the in-house expertise to carryout a range of hazard surveys that will ensure your organisation meets the relevant HSE guidance and regulations.

Our Range Of Hazard Surveys


Asbestos Surveys & TestingAsbestos Surveys & TestingArrow

A key foundation of any asbestos management plan is the asbestos survey, the information gathered at the survey stage will determine how the ongoing risk is managed. There are four types of the asbestos survey, management, refurbishment, demolition and annual preventative audits.

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Covid-19 Hygiene Services

Covid-19 Hygiene ServicesCovid-19 Hygiene ServicesArrow

To assist our clients in managing the workplace risk associated with the COVID-19 pandemic we have developed a range of testing and auditing services to provide reassurance and support. Our COVID-19 services are designed to help validate the effectiveness of your current controls and where necessary provide guidance to reduce the risk of transmission. 

Our COVID-19 specific services range from self-sampling surface swab kits that are a flexible and cost-effective option to a range of site surveys and audits.

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Legionella Risk Management

Legionella Risk ManagementLegionella Risk ManagementArrow

Employers are required to control the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria in accordance with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH 2002). This is achieved by following the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8. Learn more about how our legionella consultants can help you with the first step in this process, the risk assesments and your obligation to implement a legionella management scheme.

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Toxic Mould Surveys

Toxic Mould SurveysToxic Mould SurveysArrow


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How Often Should Exposure Monitoring Be Carried Out?
How Often Should Exposure Monitoring Be Carried Out?


The legal requirement for monitoring inhalation exposure is given in regulation 10 of the COSHH Regulations.

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