Risk Assessment

A comprehensive Legionella risk assessment is the starting point to establishing an ongoing control scheme


Stored water, drinking water, process water and closed systems are all covered by the ACoP L8 approved code of practice. It is therefore vital that these water systems are properly assessed to determine the risk of potential Legionella proliferation.

A Legionella risk assessment will enable you to choose the correct course of action for ensuring your water hygiene and management systems comply to the requirements of the ACoP L8.

Employers are required to control the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria, which in general this requires the employer to conduct the following:

  • Identification & legionella assessment

  • Prevention or minimisation of risk from exposure to Legionella

  • Systems for the management and selection, training and competence of personnel

  • Record keeping of maintenance, temperature checks cleaning and disinfections.

Total legionella compliance with our
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Legionella monitoring solutions

Legionella monitoring solutions

Does your organisation need help to keep on top of your Legionella control scheme monitoring? Using our wireless real-time temperature sensor technology, we can take on the responsibility of your ongoing control scheme requirements with just a single site visit per year.

This remote wireless technology, combined with our expertise offers a superior alternative to traditional Legionella monitoring which typically requires monthly checks carried out by a responsible person. Over 3+ years, we are confident that our solution will provide cost-saving whilst at the same time delivering an enhanced level of control data.

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ActionsActions and advice

HSE legislation requires that any property containing a water system (domestic, process or industrial) should have a Legionella risk assessment in place. This Legionella risk assessment should be reviewed every 2 years to identify any significant changes in the system design or operating conditions that may increase the risk from proliferation or exposure. Click here to learn what records should be kept and for how long.

The Legionella risk assessment will define the ongoing control scheme (temperatures checks, tank inspections, outlet flushing, water sampling, shower head cleans) and any remedial actions that may be neccessary to control the risk from Legionella exposure. The control scheme is the most important aspect in preventing the risk from Legionella exposure and ensuring compliance with the guidance.

Click here to learn more about the different Legionella testing methods and the circumstances that require water samples to be taken as part of a risk assessment.

HelpHow can we help?

As a legionella testing company, we will provide you with an easy to interpret Legionella water hygiene survey report complete with schematic drawings of your water systems.

This report will advise you on the best solution for minimising the risks associated with legionella and outline an ongoing scheme of control. Your control scheme records can then be logged using the free template supplied below:


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Those that work in your business be it in a factory, warehouse healthcare or office environment could be at risk if it has a water system that offers the right environmental conditions for legionella bacteria growth.

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