Odours within indoor environments can be unpleasant or potentially harmful


Odours that are generated from unknown sources can be particularly problematic to identify and therefore require a tailored approach to any sampling and analysis strategy.

Poor air quality within the indoor environment can result in occupants experiencing a number of symptoms, ranging from fatigue to shortness of breath.

Approximately 15% of all odour investigations do not positively identify the source of the odour for a number of reasons. Many odour occurrences are sporadic in nature which adds further complexity to the investigation.

ActionsActions and advice

Odour investigations should follow a logical process of elimination using a combination of site investigations and appropriate sampling and analysis techniques.

It is common that a number of site visits may be required to positively identify the source of an odour.

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Our consultants are here to help you with advice and guidance. We offer a free consultation service to identify an appropriate investigation methodology and likely source of the odour.

We will then provide you with a no obligation proposal to attend your premises to carryout the site investigation and any appropriate sampling and analysis.

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