Legionella Control

An ongoing Legionella monitoring control scheme ensures your organisation remains complaint.

Stored water, drinking water, process water and closed systems are all covered by the ACoP L8 approved code of practice. It is therefore vital that these water systems are properly assessed to determine the risk of potential Legionella proliferation.

A Legionella risk assessment will enable you to choose the correct course of action for ensuring your water hygiene and management systems comply to the requirements of the ACoP L8.

Employers are required to control the ongoing risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria, this can only be achieved with an effective scheme of Legionella control, which typically invloves the following regime:

  • Record keeping (Legionella logbook) of maintenance, cleaning and disinfection what is legionella


Your current risk assessment will define the ongoing Legionella control scheme (temperatures checks, tank inspections, outlet flushing, water sampling, shower head cleans) that is neccessary to control the risk from Legionella. The control scheme is the most important aspect in preventing the risk from Legionella exposure and ensuring compliance with the guidance.

A regular water sampling (if appropriate) and control scheme testing regime is required. Click here to learn more about water temperatures and the correct way of taking them.

Click here to learn more about the different Legionella testing methods and the circumstances that require water samples to be taken.


To support your ongoing management of the risk from Legionella we can implement a logbook system for you as part of the legionella monitoring scheme and carryout the monthly, quartely and annual inspections.


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