Cupboard Testing

Fume cupboards require regular examination and testing to ensure they are controlling contaminants.


The thorough examination and testing process is a critical aspect of maintaining the functionality and safety of laboratory fume cupboards. A thorough examination should be conducted by a professional and cover several critical aspects ranging from containment evaluation, functionality, interfering air currents and draughts.

Maintaining a minimum face velocity of 0.4 m/s with a maximum 20% variance across the face of the cupboard is essential for the effective containment of contaminants.

ActionsActions and advice

Under COSHH regulations, HSG258 guidance and BS EN 14175, laboratory fume cupboards must be examined and tested at least every 14 months. Failure to comply not only risks legal and financial consequences but also endangers employee health.

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Our consultants are here to help, we can carry out laboratory fume cupboard testing to BS EN 14175 at your facilities and provide advice on occupational hygiene and exposure control.

For further help call us on 0870 7019170 or email: sales@euroenvironmental.co.uk


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