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Inhalation of Man Made Mineral Fibres (MMMF) can cause health effects of respiratory system 


Man-Made Mineral Fibres encompass a range of synthetic fibres with diverse compositions, including glass wool, rock wool, slag wool, and ceramic fibres. These fibres are extensively used in construction, manufacturing, and other industries due to their excellent insulating and fire-resistant properties.

Stringent legal standards, particularly the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations in the United Kingdom, dictate the need for organisations to assess and control exposure risks, provide thorough employee training, and implement protective measures.

The UK exposure limits are set at 5 mg/m3 or 2 fibres / millilitre for man made mineral fibres and certain ceramic fibres used for refractory purposes have even lower limits.

ActionsActions and advice

The first step in the process is to carryout a risk assessment by identifying what activities are being carried out on your site that may exposure workers to fibres.

Once the potential risk has been identified an assessment of exposure levels should be conducted by implementing an exposure testing regime in line with HSG173. The measured exposure should then be compared with the workplace exposure levels (WEL's) as defined by the Health & Safety Executive. Any actions should then be taken to either reduce or control exposure as part of an ongoing monitoring regime.

HelpHow can we help?

Our consultants are here to help you and can develop and implement monitoring strategies to identify if maximum exposure limits are being exceeded with respect to man made mineral fibres in the workplace. Our team we will advise on appropriate measures to be taken to reduce the risk of exposure and ensure you comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations.

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Understanding Man-Made Mineral Fibres (MMMF) and Managing Workplace Exposure


Man-Made Mineral Fibres (MMMF) are synthetic fibres created from various inorganic materials, such as rock, slag, glass, or basalt. While these fibres have numerous industrial applications, it's crucial to delve into their properties, potential health effects, common sources, and effective prevention measures to ensure workplace safety.

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