Total legionella compliance with our innovative control scheme technology


Does your organisation need help to keep on top of your Legionella control scheme monitoring? Using our wireless real-time temperature sensor technology, we can take on the responsibility of your ongoing control scheme requirements with just a single site visit per year.

Our technician will strategically install sensors to sentinel points, tanks and calorifiers. The data from these devices will allow us to remotely monitor the condition of your water systems and provide you with monthly reports that ensure you are remaining compliant.

Annually we will service and calibrate the sensor devices, carry out inspections of your water storage vessels and ensure all your systems and records are up to date and meeting the requirements of ACoP L8.

This remote wireless technology, combined with our expertise offers a superior alternative to traditional Legionella monitoring which typically requires monthly checks carried out by a responsible person. Over 3+ years, we are confident that our solution will provide a cost-saving whilst at the same time delivering an enhanced level of control data.

Ongoing Accurate legionella monitoring solutions,
Ensuring A Compliant And Safe Workplace

Water Storage Tanks

Sensors are installed within cold water storage tanks to ensure water temperatures remain below 20 degrees.


We install sensors on the flow and return of calorifiers, ensuring they achieve temperatures of above 60 and 50 degrees respectively.

Hot water Outlets

Hot water sentinel points are monitored to ensure that they are achieving temperatures in excess of 50 degrees.

Cold Water Outlets

Cold water sentinel points are monitored to ensure the supply temperatures remains below 20 degrees.

Discover the superior alternative to conventional legionella monitoring


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Employers right across the UK should be aware of Legionella and the potential risk to employees if the water supply to buildings, factories or warehouses is not monitored regularly.

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